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The photo above is of the Belabula River, Carcoar NSW where my family comes from.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Turbo Audition - Got to Dance

Take this in and enjoy. I admire the innovative and super cool style of this dude. Without appearing to try too hard, he has the judges fascinated. This is the key. Sometimes, (though it takes a lot of rehearsal) it's just better to look as if you are not busting yourself. A truly talented performer. BIG LIKE!

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Immanuel Arts Festival

The Immanuel Arts Festival opens tomorrow night (Gala Evening) and runs until Sunday 22nd May.

I've really enjoyed being a committee member for this year's festival and I have been working along side the two chief installation experts, Rob and Heather. I've learnt a great deal about 'bumping in' a big arts festival and it has been extremely gratifying to see the art works go up onto the walls and panels. I've learnt that behind the scenes there is a great deal of thought put into placing each artwork in 'just the perfect position' to show it off to the best advantage.

I certainly hope there will be a big roll up to this wonderful exhibition to see all of the beautiful artworks, sculptures and creative pieces on offer. I remember going along last year to a very well attended Gala Evening, I hope it will be just as successful this year.

I might see you there!

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Trashion Chic

I have further increased my interest in recycling, not only in my everyday attempts to make a smaller, more delicate mark on the earth but also in the use of materials (that are already in existence and generally a nuisance) in the creation of beautiful artworks. This has encouraged me to return to work on my creation "Trashion Chic" made from recycled supermarket shopping bags. I have further increased the use of tone, texture and design and (I believe) generally improved it.

The work involved in this piece is extremely labour intensive and therefore I cannot imagine creating many of this nature, however I would like to continue creating 'Trashion' and other wearable artworks from discarded materials. I would love to have a Trashion Exhibition one day!!

Trashion: a portmanteau of trash and fashion, coined in New Zealand in 2004 (source: Wikipedia)

The Garden of Cosmic Speculation

The Garden of Cosmic Speculation

I stumbled upon this gorgeous garden and it's so very beautiful and magical I had to share.

As you can tell, I tend to be attracted to art which holds an element of Fairytale. This garden reminds me of "The Garden of Earthly Delights" by Hieronymus Bosch, it's just an association in my brain. What do you think?