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The photo above is of the Belabula River, Carcoar NSW where my family comes from.

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

En Pointe's Trophy Scoop

Leticia Polinelli's class of 2010 are fast becoming a force to be reckoned with in dance competitions around South East Queensland. This trophy scoop is really something to be seen to be believed.

At the recent Sunshine Coast eisteddfod amongst their group and individual awards, Yr 12 student Rachael Ward won the 16 yrs and Over Age Champion, Most Outstanding Demi-Character Soloist and the Most Outstanding Song and Dance Performer. Yr 10 Student Georgie Hills was awarded the Most Promising 13/14years Dancer whilst fellow classmate Mikaela Cash was awarded the 14 years Encouragement Award. Year 9 student Jasmin Hunter was awarded the Most Outstanding Sunshine Coast Modern Dancer and fellow Yr 9 Student Jessica Linton, was awarded the Encouragement Award for 13 years.

Congratulations to all the students and best wishes for a bright future.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Emotional (Crutch) Crochet

I've realised that I crochet when

:: I'm creatively devoid of other ideas - it focuses my energies and allows new ideas to appear
:: when I'm bored - at least I can 'crochet' - how marvelous!
:: when I'm waiting - again - no time needs to be lost!
:: when I'm stressed - thank god - I can crochet!
:: when I'm lonely - I always have 'crochet'
:: when I'm missing my family - it reminds me of my Mother & Aunty Glad
:: when I'm feeling alive and full of energy - it grounds me
:: when I'm unwell - it's the only thing I'm able to do - I crocheted when recovering from a fractured spine!

Crochet is the best!

Art Exhibition at Lily's Restaurant

My friend and fellow artist Lyn Donald is having an exhibition of her gorgeous art work entitled "Quality art for replenishment of the soul" opening on 20 June 3pm - 5pm at Lily's on the Lagoon Restaurant, Ocean Drive, Twin Waters. Light refreshments will be served.

I highly recommend you check out Lyn's beautiful work. For further enquiries phone Lyn on 0439 615 664.

This photo is just an example of the large scale florals that Lyn is noted for. Amelia (another fellow artist and friend of ours) is pictured here admiring Lyn's work.

Friday, May 21, 2010

Does it Matter to You?

Shaya, my nineteen year old daughter, is always bringing me clothing to fix, mostly night club gear. The buttons have fallen off, the hems have come down and the straps have snapped. These items of clothing are usually premium priced little numbers. One hit wonders that won’t live to see the bright lights of the dance room floor twice.

This poses a question, aren’t these little beauties a bit expensive for the quality?

I did bring up the possibility of Shaya learning to sew and making her own outfits which would be much better quality and far less expensive, to which she answered (somewhat surprised) why would I do that? I have you to fix!

I sometimes wonder if I’m all alone on a peninsula of inexplicable hope wondering why the vast majority of the populace don’t seem to mind paying exorbitant prices for crap! This becomes especially irritating when Australians seem so unprepared to pay for beautifully made handicrafts and artworks.

Please give me your feedback on this issue as I’m really interested to know if you do prefer to just grab something quickly from a chain store and take what comes, including poor workmanship and quality, which will also soon add to our landfill!

Or, do you value the handmade Australian item? Is branding (being well known) really important? Is price a factor? Because generally I see that artisans are keeping their prices so low that they can barely survive and yet they are still struggling to compete with crappy rubbish from the big retailers.

Do you find it hard to reach your local artisan? What could they do to improve their accessibility without causing further price rises (like using galleries)? If you knew of an artisan in your neighbourhood, would you approach them to buy work? Do you think there is a future for cottage industry in Australia?

Please comment by clicking on the word 'comments' below. You can make your comments anonymous!

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Ballet Bag for a Princess

Gorgeous Bag for the ballerina.

Pale pink & lilac ballet shoes adorn this bag.

Large bucket shape - two internal pockets.

Pretty flower trim with button.

Lilac stripes and spots on the inside

Just perfect. $70.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Art & Craft for Comfort

As you know, I've been dealing with my father's hospitalisation following a car accident over the past fortnight. This dreadful experience has caused me to think about the comforting affect of the 'handmade' when things are 'down and out'.

When we are ill, it's not the time to consider the motivations of an artist in the creation of a great masterpiece. We don't contemplate the latest fashion or architecture or what new shows are coming up on Broadway. But, what we do find comforting is a lovely hand crocheted rug, made by someone who loves us. Perhaps a cake brought in by an aunt or cousin. Maybe a handmade card arriving in the mail, a thought, a care, a loving touch.

Let's never underestimate the depth of renewal that love can bring to a sick person. Love is embodied in the 'handmade'.

I know so well, I was once in hospital for a long stint following a fractured spine. I was given a quilt. It wasn't handmade by anyone I knew (it was store bought) but someone had made it, and I looked at it for weeks and weeks. I held it tight when things were tough, and they were very tough!!!

Please consider making your gifts or buying someone else's handmade things - they are truly little love capsules.

Friday, May 14, 2010


Dear Readers,

I will not be having my bag stall as planned at the Coastal Art Awards tomorrow.

I'm still caring for my father in NSW.

Should you wish to buy any of my bags, you will be able to, directly from my studio.

When I get home I will up load photos of all available bags.

I apologise for any inconvenience.

Miss Penny.

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Happy Mother's Day

I wish all the beautiful Mother's in the world a lovely day.

I'm spending today with my mother at the bedside of her wonderful husband of sixty three years as he fights for his life.

This is a sad mother's day for me.

I'm with my sister, my brother, my oldest son, my nieces, and nephews while we enjoy our darling dad and grandfather and marvel at his strength and capacity for love at this difficult time in his life. He is a legend in his own right. The most loving man in the world.

I hope his strength will prevail.

Always, always love the people in your life, there's never enough time to love.

I love you for reading my pages and being interested in art.

Be free and kind this Mother's Day to bring a little joy.

Miss Penny xx

The Winner

The Winner of the Lovely Bag is:

Sarah Murray

Congratulations Sarah

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Win this Bag for Mother's Day

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So join up by clicking on the FOLLOW BUTTON.

NEXT STEP: leave a comment, click on the word 'comment' in green, below. Anything will do, I'm not judging you on what you write. Something funny would be nice though!

I will chose one comment at random on Mother's Day.

Then I will contact you to get your address and I will send you this beautiful bag.

It's up to you if you give it to your mum or keep it for yourself!

Sunday, May 2, 2010

A Time to Give Thanks

My artistic interests stretch across so many genres. I love dance, musical theatre, fine art, poetry, literature, music, fashion design, knitting, sewing, crochet, collage and mixed media.

I have my mother to thank for introducing me to all of these things.

I am the artist I am today, because of my mother.

She taught me to knit, crochet and sew at a very young age.

My mother introduced me to Musical Theatre firstly through her huge collection of ‘long play albums’, all the 'greats' were there; Carousel, Oklahoma, The Sound of Music, Porgy and Bess, I could not wait to be a part of that world. A life long love affair with Musical Theatre has transpired.

She took me to dance class aged six, beginning what would be my career. She took me to the ballet to see Dame Margot Fonteyn. I would never look back!

My mother has supported my unrelenting desires to participate in the world of the arts. I am very grateful.

Our mutual love of Australian literature is one of our most precious shared things. My earliest memories include Mother’s renditions of the poetry of Banjo Paterson. My bed time story was Australian classic, “Snugglepot & Cuddlepie”.

My mother also taught me to love fashion, she is a fine dresser and loves beautiful clothes. I do too...... and shoes, yes shoes, we love shoes too.

This Mother’s Day I give thanks, as I do every moment, for my beautiful Mother, Betty. I love you!